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Trying to get caught up before classes start next week…so, no time to research and write.too much to do

Will buckle down and write as soon as I know what my class schedule and coursework will look like.

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Stay safe!!

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“OUR FOOD”…a matter of ethics AND a matter of choice

Now that Christmas is behind us (hmmm…Christmas past)…many of us have begun to focus on – maybe even commit to – projects we’ll devote our attention to in the New Year – 2015.

For me, lifestyle issues and concerns – health, diet, exercise – consistently surface to the top of my New Year “resolutions” list.  In 2014, I began to embark on a more careful evaluation of items I eat and take into my body.  During 2015, that vigilance will continue… only at a much deeper level – more label reading and ingredient understanding – research, education, etc.

As I sit here sipping my basic tea, I reflect on the contents of that tea as well as the words and thoughts shared in past blogs.  Embarking on my goal of delving deeper into reading and understanding food product contents and the nature and constituency of specific items within those products will not be an easy task.  For me, eating consciously (to achieve maximum health) has always been a challenge…and has never been as simple as “eating low on the food chain.”  Plus, as so eloquently shared by Jon Stewart (February 20, 2014 The Daily Show)…selecting old-time favorite brands may not lead us down a positive path…

September 17, 2014 – Bloomberg
The Food Babe – Vani Hari

As more details become available about the food and food “products” we each consume, three words – that contain very critical concepts – occupy my mind – TRUST, INTEGRITY and VALUES.

For example, when we travel by airplane…we simply purchase our ticket, enter the plane, stash our carry-ons and settle into our seats.  Most of us pay more attention to our seat location than we do to becoming acquainted with the pilot and/or co-pilot.  Do you even know who’s sitting up there in the cockpit?  Do you know what their education or credentials are?  Have you ever asked to see their resume?  Not likely!  That might be because we innately TRUST in the airline company we’ve chosen.  We TRUST they have INTEGRITY and VALUES that align with our own.

We tend to take that same posture or attitude of TRUST with many other aspects of our lives – including what we consume.

Perplexed by these issues surrounding TRUST and INTEGRITY – especially as they pertain to food and food products – I embarked on (more…)

Enjoying the Holidays…

snowman 2Hope your Holidays – wherever you are –
are peaceful and joy-filled!!

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EATING…a learned art form

As a student of life (and seasoned marketing professional), I’m continually on the lookout (and constantly intrigued by) demonstrations of human beings in the act of living.  A favorite arena for human behavioral encounters is my weekly grocery shopping expedition.  I’m especially captivated by the latest “natural” or “organic” indoctrination.  Many stores – particularly major chains – in the hopes of not being “left behind” have now moved, expanded, and identified their “organic” produce so it prominently besieges (or encircles) you as you cross into the store’s oasis.  Oftentimes, the “organic-ness” of it all scares me a bit.  I wonder what might happen if the item’s “organic” nature (especially potatoes with their tentacles) becomes anatomically inclined and reaches out to grab or hug me as I attempt to enter and wander past…

I observe many folks in the throes of this “organic” movement, “blindly” grabbing items off shelves and placing them in their carts – no squeezing, no smelling, no label-reading, no identifying country of origin – nothing that would suggest they’ve imbibed in the aroma of fresh “organically-cured” (that’s still manure, right?) “straight from the farm” wafting through their air passages.

Mind you, I’m not anti-organic…but, (more…)


With temperatures plummeting and dry winter weather settling in…my parched lips begged for a bit of nurturing. So, during my weekly grocery shopping outing, I decided to simply pick up a tube – you know that old fashioned ChapStick® or Vaseline®.

While initially this seemed to be a simple need and desire to tackle a basic, short-term problem, I quickly learned a few lessons about being cautious when seeking products in stores that appear to adhere to and self-promote as “natural” or “values-based.”

As I wrapped up my grocery shopping excursion, I swung by the “cosmetic” section to search – unsuccessfully – for basic lip balm. When the sales person finally arrived (actually, I tracked her down…and had to wait until she finished re-stocking a shelf – hmmmm, priorities must be one of those store touted “values”?). As she propped herself against a shelf (she must have had a late night) and “patiently” awaited my request, I presented my question: “Do you carry basic lip balms…you know, like the old-fashioned ChapStick® or Vaseline®”? From the look on her face, one would have wondered if I’d asked for some type of obscene or illicit product (“I know you don’t sell weed here – even though it’s legal in Colorado…”). “We do not (not, we don’t) carry or sell any (yep, that’s ANY) petroleum-based products,” she informed me.

Okay, I thought…as someone who has experienced an adverse reaction to certain food and product ingredients, this company/store’s choice to not sell petroleum-based products seemed reasonable – minus, of course, the outlandish facial contortions and reaction bordering on unpleasant and unnecessary demonstrated by the sales person (maybe another one of those store “values”?).

If it had not been for this sales person’s intriguing response, I simply would have made my purchase ($3.75 without petroleum vs. $1.59 with) and not given a second thought to her unique reaction. However, as is my nature…I began to reflect on this attitude and wondered if and how it might support and/or align with other “concerning” ingredients (and my own values) that might be sold by this store (or others).

Honest_Food_Labels_Cartoon-300x320As I scoured the shelves of this store for items I either purchase regularly or occasionally, I zeroed in on and began to dig into what was written on their labels. Some unfamiliar ingredients prominently displayed on these labels (and mind you, not EVERY ingredient is listed for our viewing pleasure) included:

I don’t know about you…but, (more…)



May gratitude rise within you and overflow to penetrate the lives of everyone in your presence!!

Over the past several weeks – in anticipation of Thanksgiving – I’ve been pondering this word –   Thanksgiving.  I’ve devoted time to reflect on what “giving thanks” actually looks and feels like.  Last year at this time, I commented on Thanksgiving and selected the word “Gratitude” as I rushed out the  door to celebrate.  While I genuinely meant what I shared, I realize now that I’d grown so accustomed to using certain words and had not truly made time to ponder them or grasp their true meaning or the intense feeling that journeys along with each word.

This year is different.  Maybe being physically “handicapped” by a fractured ankle – or receiving good news on my condition – played a role.  In any case, for some reason, I’ve spent a bit more time reflecting on and considering these words – Thanksgiving, gratitude, gratefulness, being thankful.  After spending weeks immersed in this process, I now sit quietly and wonder if these words (intellectual) truly convey the overpowering, heart-racing intent (feelings) of these words.  I wonder also…if there’s something that goes above and beyond the mentally understood definitions of these words – somewhat like the power and impact often contained in the word LOVE?  Are these types of words designed simply to be place holders…for true meaning…and do they attempt to stand in for or substitute for emotions and feelings that cannot fully be conveyed through any other means – especially intellectually?

If you, like me, have undergone a series of life-altering events and during those times (or any time for that matter) another person has reached out to offer assistance or support – in any way – you know that feeling – that amazing energy that wells-up and gurgles deep within.  You try as hard as you can to come up with words, phrases – anything that will help catapult those feelings into the outside space or ethos so others will hear and know.  As you try to articulate what’s stirring inside, you dig deep within for those ideal words.  Instead you stutter and fumble for what seems to be un-nameable.  Words such as “thank you,” “I appreciate it” and so on…seem so insufficient… so inadequate.  For example:

THANK YOU – “An expression of gratitude.”

  • Synonyms:
    • Acknowledge
    • Praise
    • Be grateful
    • Be indebted
    • Be obligated
    • Bow down
    • Show appreciation
    • Show courtesy
    • Show gratitude

GRATITUDE – “The quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness.”

  • Synonyms:
    • Acknowledgement
    • Obligation
    • Recognition
    • Thanks
    • Gratefulness
    • Indebtedness
    • Responsiveness

As Thanksgiving 2014 comes to a close…and we begin to prepare for the upcoming Holidays and beyond…may true expression and demonstration of those feelings that gurgle within fill the world that surrounds you.gratitude-cartoon


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Messed up ankle I’m not the ideal person to ask for a comment about the “devastating” impact of being stranded in one’s home during the recent snow  storms that have blanketed the country.  Being isolated and relegated to the towering chalk colored walls of my home for the past eight  weeks (recovering from a fractured ankle) endows me with perspective and causes me to plead for release and my freedom, as well, to  explore and indulge in the outside world.

Over the past several weeks, images of winter – and the naturalness of snow storms – have been painted and portrayed – mostly by news  reporters and “victims” – as flagrantly negative.  As most of us who choose to live in areas occasionally14a42351f8c21e098b2bdb98e735198c overrun with snow know all too well – snow (especially the heavy kind) is continually lurking, and if and when it arrives some challenges are inevitable (road closures, collapsed roofs, etc.).

Despite the apparent negative portrayal of snow, these occurrences are, as well, rich in positive elements…if only we would simply stop and take time to notice and acknowledge them.  Appreciating this time and these occurrences (including my fractured ankle) for the positive and unique gifts they bring into our lives can make a huge difference.  Amazing examples of the gift of beauty offered by these events are captured in these photos from the last two snow storms…(and a graphic I can relate to as I venture out on my morning workout – yeah!!)


The Flatirons – the mountainous range preserved for hiking just west of my house.







Varsity Lake

Varsity Lake Bridge – pedestrian bridge to enter campus from the northwest.


Old Main (1872) – the oldest building on the University of Colorado campus


Hale Sciences – another of the early buildings on campus (on days like this, the shadowing reminds me of Hogwarts.

As shared by:

  • Pietro Aretino:  “Let us love winter, for it is the spring of genius.”
  • Takayuki Ikkaku:  “When there’s snow on the ground, I like to pretend I’m walking on clouds.”


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