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While shoveling my front walk this weekend, the two huggable-sized trees on my front lawn beckoned me to wander closer.  As I did, I noticed that they appeared to be disrobing – shedding bark from their trunks all the way up through and into their branches.  As someone who gets chilled easily, I wondered why anyone (or anything, for that matter) would disrobe while outside in the elements during winter weather extremes.  After all, even in nature, coats play a significant role when temperatures plummet and winds whip up.

For close to 15 years, these trees have adorned and held a prominent place on my front lawn.  I have cared for – nourished, protected, pruned…even hugged – them as I would a pet or child.  And, although they’ve always tended to respond in a bit of an unconventional or temperamental way – blooming and switching leaf color and shedding leaves long after others have done so – they’ve never attempted to abandon their protective coats in this way.  As I reflected on the great Horticultural Resources at the University extension office just north of us, I nestled into feeling a bit more comfortable knowing an arborist who knew local tree behavior was not far away…and might be able to offer an explanation to help put my heart (and tears) to rest.

This, of course, did not stop me from thinking about and reflecting on the important – and critical – role trees have always played in my life.  Besides offering a window into nature, they appear to unknowingly provide a perspective that often helps me sort out certain aspects of life.

For example:

  • On the surface, trees appear disengaged and unaffected. Birds seek their shelter as birthing centers; squirrels use them as playgrounds – scampering up, down and around their trunks and branches; rain saturates their tentacles, snow embraces them with a soft, but frigid blanket; winds jostle them around.  Yet, despite (and through) all of this, they continue (mostly) to stand erect and offer support.
  • Trees appear to form few attachments. Birds come and go, snow and ice dump and disappear (or become absorbed).  Yet, without holding on or seeking a state of permanency or reward, they constantly offer a sturdy, stable environment for nature’s elements and those in need…and they perform this role with grace and a demeanor of pride.
  • They continually reach for the sky and ask little of us. Regardless of the weather – blue sky, rain, wind…even snow – they silently seek out what they need to keep moving forward with their lives.  Despite looming perils, they reach out – for the sky, for the warmth, for the sprinkling – to achieve their goal – to keep growing so they can continue to offer their support in what can often seem like a perilous world.

TREE POEMWhile trees play such a critical role in our lives – shade, fruit, shelter, perspective – they often go unnoticed and unappreciated.  It’s only when one makes time to walk, wander, and awaken oneself to observe all that surrounds them that they truly live.

As we bathe ourselves in Holiday Season pleasures, may we each be blessed with perspective and the awareness of the many magical elements that surround us – be they in nature or within ourselves or each other.

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Trying to get caught up before classes start next week…so, no time to research and write.too much to do

Will buckle down and write as soon as I know what my class schedule and coursework will look like.

Until next time…
Stay safe!!

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Enjoying the Holidays…

snowman 2Hope your Holidays – wherever you are –
are peaceful and joy-filled!!

Til next time…

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May gratitude rise within you and overflow to penetrate the lives of everyone in your presence!!

Over the past several weeks – in anticipation of Thanksgiving – I’ve been pondering this word –   Thanksgiving.  I’ve devoted time to reflect on what “giving thanks” actually looks and feels like.  Last year at this time, I commented on Thanksgiving and selected the word “Gratitude” as I rushed out the  door to celebrate.  While I genuinely meant what I shared, I realize now that I’d grown so accustomed to using certain words and had not truly made time to ponder them or grasp their true meaning or the intense feeling that journeys along with each word.

This year is different.  Maybe being physically “handicapped” by a fractured ankle – or receiving good news on my condition – played a role.  In any case, for some reason, I’ve spent a bit more time reflecting on and considering these words – Thanksgiving, gratitude, gratefulness, being thankful.  After spending weeks immersed in this process, I now sit quietly and wonder if these words (intellectual) truly convey the overpowering, heart-racing intent (feelings) of these words.  I wonder also…if there’s something that goes above and beyond the mentally understood definitions of these words – somewhat like the power and impact often contained in the word LOVE?  Are these types of words designed simply to be place holders…for true meaning…and do they attempt to stand in for or substitute for emotions and feelings that cannot fully be conveyed through any other means – especially intellectually?

If you, like me, have undergone a series of life-altering events and during those times (or any time for that matter) another person has reached out to offer assistance or support – in any way – you know that feeling – that amazing energy that wells-up and gurgles deep within.  You try as hard as you can to come up with words, phrases – anything that will help catapult those feelings into the outside space or ethos so others will hear and know.  As you try to articulate what’s stirring inside, you dig deep within for those ideal words.  Instead you stutter and fumble for what seems to be un-nameable.  Words such as “thank you,” “I appreciate it” and so on…seem so insufficient… so inadequate.  For example:

THANK YOU – “An expression of gratitude.”

  • Synonyms:
    • Acknowledge
    • Praise
    • Be grateful
    • Be indebted
    • Be obligated
    • Bow down
    • Show appreciation
    • Show courtesy
    • Show gratitude

GRATITUDE – “The quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness.”

  • Synonyms:
    • Acknowledgement
    • Obligation
    • Recognition
    • Thanks
    • Gratefulness
    • Indebtedness
    • Responsiveness

As Thanksgiving 2014 comes to a close…and we begin to prepare for the upcoming Holidays and beyond…may true expression and demonstration of those feelings that gurgle within fill the world that surrounds you.gratitude-cartoon


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Messed up ankle I’m not the ideal person to ask for a comment about the “devastating” impact of being stranded in one’s home during the recent snow  storms that have blanketed the country.  Being isolated and relegated to the towering chalk colored walls of my home for the past eight  weeks (recovering from a fractured ankle) endows me with perspective and causes me to plead for release and my freedom, as well, to  explore and indulge in the outside world.

Over the past several weeks, images of winter – and the naturalness of snow storms – have been painted and portrayed – mostly by news  reporters and “victims” – as flagrantly negative.  As most of us who choose to live in areas occasionally14a42351f8c21e098b2bdb98e735198c overrun with snow know all too well – snow (especially the heavy kind) is continually lurking, and if and when it arrives some challenges are inevitable (road closures, collapsed roofs, etc.).

Despite the apparent negative portrayal of snow, these occurrences are, as well, rich in positive elements…if only we would simply stop and take time to notice and acknowledge them.  Appreciating this time and these occurrences (including my fractured ankle) for the positive and unique gifts they bring into our lives can make a huge difference.  Amazing examples of the gift of beauty offered by these events are captured in these photos from the last two snow storms…(and a graphic I can relate to as I venture out on my morning workout – yeah!!)


The Flatirons – the mountainous range preserved for hiking just west of my house.







Varsity Lake

Varsity Lake Bridge – pedestrian bridge to enter campus from the northwest.


Old Main (1872) – the oldest building on the University of Colorado campus


Hale Sciences – another of the early buildings on campus (on days like this, the shadowing reminds me of Hogwarts.

As shared by:

  • Pietro Aretino:  “Let us love winter, for it is the spring of genius.”
  • Takayuki Ikkaku:  “When there’s snow on the ground, I like to pretend I’m walking on clouds.”


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Trick or treat…??

As I glance out at the two huge trees on my front lawn, I wonder why they refuse to change color and release their leaves.  All of the other trees trees3in the neighborhood are bare – exposing their limbs.  Are mine in denial that Fall has finally arrived…and that Winter (with all of that snow – yeah!!) will soon be is on its way?

Even though Halloween has come and gone…I’ll bet these trees are in for a surprise – maybe a treat and more days of warm, picturesque weather…but, more likely a trick – a powerful early snow fall. They’d better get ready!!  I know I am!

Liz-winter 2012   Til next time…

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As I quickly jotted down this message for my weekly blog, I wondered if the title “Procrastination delayed” might possibly be an entertaining tautology?

In any case, my mishap has caused me to delay the crafting of my second in a two-part series on Procrastination.Messed up ankle

More next week…

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