Writing that moves readers to action


Writer-female-charcoalHave you ever caught the look on the face of a runner – out for their early morning run – in single digit temps?  There’s just the hint of a grin –  maybe even a smirk – on their face.  I’ve often wondered is that their expression of pain from the sweat turning to ice sheets under their non-wicking under garments or are they really happy about what they are doing? Then I pause…and reflect on how I feel when I write…and I realize no matter how painful the process can be of getting those exact words, phrases, concepts down on paper…that grin or smirk is always on my face when I write…I’m being taken over by something that goes much deeper than exact, precise words on a piece of paper.  That flow from head…to heart…to arm…to hand…to pen…to ink…to paper…it’s all about something far greater than me!!  I hope you will join me on this journey as I share thoughts about writing and the importance of well written documents.

© 2013 EMCarlock


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