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Trying to get caught up before classes start next week…so, no time to research and write.too much to do

Will buckle down and write as soon as I know what my class schedule and coursework will look like.

Until next time…
Stay safe!!

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“OUR FOOD”…a matter of ethics AND a matter of choice

Now that Christmas is behind us (hmmm…Christmas past)…many of us have begun to focus on – maybe even commit to – projects we’ll devote our attention to in the New Year – 2015.

For me, lifestyle issues and concerns – health, diet, exercise – consistently surface to the top of my New Year “resolutions” list.  In 2014, I began to embark on a more careful evaluation of items I eat and take into my body.  During 2015, that vigilance will continue… only at a much deeper level – more label reading and ingredient understanding – research, education, etc.

As I sit here sipping my basic tea, I reflect on the contents of that tea as well as the words and thoughts shared in past blogs.  Embarking on my goal of delving deeper into reading and understanding food product contents and the nature and constituency of specific items within those products will not be an easy task.  For me, eating consciously (to achieve maximum health) has always been a challenge…and has never been as simple as “eating low on the food chain.”  Plus, as so eloquently shared by Jon Stewart (February 20, 2014 The Daily Show)…selecting old-time favorite brands may not lead us down a positive path…

September 17, 2014 – Bloomberg
The Food Babe – Vani Hari

As more details become available about the food and food “products” we each consume, three words – that contain very critical concepts – occupy my mind – TRUST, INTEGRITY and VALUES.

For example, when we travel by airplane…we simply purchase our ticket, enter the plane, stash our carry-ons and settle into our seats.  Most of us pay more attention to our seat location than we do to becoming acquainted with the pilot and/or co-pilot.  Do you even know who’s sitting up there in the cockpit?  Do you know what their education or credentials are?  Have you ever asked to see their resume?  Not likely!  That might be because we innately TRUST in the airline company we’ve chosen.  We TRUST they have INTEGRITY and VALUES that align with our own.

We tend to take that same posture or attitude of TRUST with many other aspects of our lives – including what we consume.

Perplexed by these issues surrounding TRUST and INTEGRITY – especially as they pertain to food and food products – I embarked on (more…)