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Messed up ankle I’m not the ideal person to ask for a comment about the “devastating” impact of being stranded in one’s home during the recent snow  storms that have blanketed the country.  Being isolated and relegated to the towering chalk colored walls of my home for the past eight  weeks (recovering from a fractured ankle) endows me with perspective and causes me to plead for release and my freedom, as well, to  explore and indulge in the outside world.

Over the past several weeks, images of winter – and the naturalness of snow storms – have been painted and portrayed – mostly by news  reporters and “victims” – as flagrantly negative.  As most of us who choose to live in areas occasionally14a42351f8c21e098b2bdb98e735198c overrun with snow know all too well – snow (especially the heavy kind) is continually lurking, and if and when it arrives some challenges are inevitable (road closures, collapsed roofs, etc.).

Despite the apparent negative portrayal of snow, these occurrences are, as well, rich in positive elements…if only we would simply stop and take time to notice and acknowledge them.  Appreciating this time and these occurrences (including my fractured ankle) for the positive and unique gifts they bring into our lives can make a huge difference.  Amazing examples of the gift of beauty offered by these events are captured in these photos from the last two snow storms…(and a graphic I can relate to as I venture out on my morning workout – yeah!!)


The Flatirons – the mountainous range preserved for hiking just west of my house.







Varsity Lake

Varsity Lake Bridge – pedestrian bridge to enter campus from the northwest.


Old Main (1872) – the oldest building on the University of Colorado campus


Hale Sciences – another of the early buildings on campus (on days like this, the shadowing reminds me of Hogwarts.

As shared by:

  • Pietro Aretino:  “Let us love winter, for it is the spring of genius.”
  • Takayuki Ikkaku:  “When there’s snow on the ground, I like to pretend I’m walking on clouds.”


Crafted, researched and written by:  LIZ CARLOCK
The Write Resources, LLC™  © 2014 EM Carlock

Graphics:  www.quotesvsmemes.com |  www.favimages.net

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