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In order to continue to remain “connected” and aware of attitudes within my profession, I recently joined a LinkedIn professional writing group.  Soon after I joined, a discussion was started that posed the question “Where do you struggle in your writing process”?

I earnestly considered and ruminated on this question and crafted the following response…

A blank canvas rarely plagues me. Quite the opposite…too many ideas fill an overflowing folder. Many pieces (15-20) and books (3) are in various states of development and slowly moving toward completion. 

In order to grow (and nurture) ideas, I go on daily, early morning “walkabouts.” For 1-2 hours I journey around town or stroll on the treadmill at the gym. These walks – often accompanied by music – help me mull over and wrap my thoughts around the projects I’m working on or on other topics I’d like to propose, explore or delve into (mostly Business and Lifestyle, Language, Anthropology, etc.). This time, for me, is so great as it allows me the space to travel with the ideas which will soon become my content and end product. 

During this process, I face two challenges. First, I can’t seem to stop writing once I become immersed/engaged in a project/topic and often struggle to close or end a piece. The other challenge is my head which often questions and ponders whether the marketplace (especially business) still values seasoned professional writers (and researchers). This will never stop me from writing…it only means that I often need to find a way to quiet that little voice…and continue to pursue the kinds of writing I love and was educated and trained to do.

Truth be told…since writing and posting my response, I came to recognize (and am willing to admit) that I may have overlook one additional challenge – my adoration for research.  On the surface this foible (love affair) might not appear problematic; however I’m certain it is!  I have an uncanny ability of becoming embroiled – immersed – in topic research I’ve been tasked or chosen to write about.  As I review my findings, I frequently thrash around in an attempt to extricate the MOST critical/essential data (and myself) vital to crafting a concise, worthy piece.  My insatiable appetite and curiosity fuel this challenge.

That aside, now that several weeks have passed since the original posted “struggle” question, I ventured back into the discussion to view responses of others.  There were many!!  Throughout the responses, though, the prevailing issue repeatedly shared by other group members/writers was “procrastination.”  Since I did not submit (or recognize) this as an issue or impediment to my process and many others did, I began to wonder…and started to explore.  I’ll shared what I learned in my next posting…

Crafted, researched and written by:  LIZ CARLOCK
The Write Resources, LLC™
© 2014 EM Carlock

Graphic credits:  joyreactor.com and funny-pictures.picphotos.net

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