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For the past week, I’ve been thrashing around ideas for this week’s blog – like a kid rolling around on the floor with a new puppy.  My head is clearly filled with way too many thoughts.  I now have nine blogs in varying stages of completion – some need a bit more research, others need more refinement and yet others are actually in need of a title.  In any case, it’s now Friday…and none of those half-baked (some even raw) blogs seem ready to hit the public stage.

Then…as I sat there awaiting a meeting with my accountant (yep, I finally made time to focus and create a game plan or strategy for wrestling with my 2014 tax approach)…I opened my journal (remember, I told you how important my ramblings in this journal are to me and how I approach the effort/process in an earlier blog…).  As I glared down at the page, this quote slapped me in the face and demanded my attention – again like an “innocent” golden retriever puppy hunger for a walk:

“Ultimately writing is nothing but carpentry.  With both you are working with reality which is as hard as wood”  by Gabriel Garcia Marquez

KNOTS_MB_wood_carving_revHmmm…”…nothing but carpentry.”  Now that feels a bit perfunctory – especially the use of the words/phrase “nothing but”.  Then it hit me…as a seasoned, professional writer, I “should” be able to rebut, concur, challenge…or in the simplest case respond or lay out my viewpoint for Mr. Marquez (not being fully aware of his fame or comprehensive viewpoint).  So, here’s what I captured in my journal (or spoke out loud to Mr. Marquez)…

“Wow, Gabriel  (yeah, I took some liberties here to be on a first name basis – especially since he recently passed and is only here in spirit)…what a profound (and thought-provoking) statement.  For me, it’s fascinating how oftentimes with writing, the writer (this one, anyway) tends to feel as if they are wandering or traveling into some remote land where everything in the “real” world needs to either be improved upon or rebuilt (or restated, re-invented, and so on).  Recrafting reality, as one re-purposes wood seems to be an extremely tangible and valid analogy/concept.  Reality, like wood, can be soft or hard, pliable or stern – much depends on those challenges or life adventures one is attempting to grapple with.  I often wonder….  is there really such a thing as one true “reality” or is it more like our own individual interpretation, version or perspective on events that create or map out “reality” for us?  Reshaping “reality” – like repurposing wood – seems to be in the hands (and minds) of each individual soul/spirit who lands on earth in human form.  As wood is carved and whittled into a table or a chair, we each have the ability and power to take the “piece of reality” we’ve got and mold it into the style, type or mode of reality within which we will reside.  It seems somewhat like building a house to live in – we get to use the materials, supplies, skills (wood included) we were given to whittle out (as hard as it may sometimes seem) a residence or “reality” that works for us.  That’s why I write – I enjoy whittling and working with an imposed reality…that often “can be” as hard as wood.”

So, now I wonder…do you live or exist within someone else’s reality.  Is that reality as hard as wood?  If so, do you think you have the tools or skill set (maybe even as a carpenter, artist or cobbler) to whittle, paint or sculpt a new reality for yourself – or at least one that might better fit your needs or provide a bigger, brighter landscape or a greater degree of comfort –  one that might be like a new couch or a new pair of shoes but that actually feel more like your own comfy couch or pair of shoes?

Crafted, researched and written by:  | LIZ CARLOCK
The Write Resources, LLC™
© 2014 EM Carlock

Graphic credits:  tri-citieswoodcarvingclub.blogspot.com

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