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WORKING…on being YOU…

Oftentimes when we go in search of a new or different job, we valiantly attempt to align our skills and interests with those crafted and described by organizations seeking employees or service providers.  Their descriptions tick off a list of functional requirements, skills, disciplines and more in hopes of finding the “right” person to fulfill the job or complete the project.  As I read these lists (and work with clients to assist them in aligning their skill sets to those expressed) I am often challenged by that type of approach as it seems so limiting – one-sided even one-dimensional.  After all, aren’t each of us whole living beings – a unique blend of feelings and functionality?

Cartoon from Scott HampsonSo, I began to wonder “what would the world be like”…if we could turn the tables…and instead of simply “responding” to an employer’s functional pursuit…we could write our own holistic job description – a description that would allow each of us to clearly state (and post for viewing) details of who we truly are, what we genuinely have to offer, and what we would love to accomplish (maybe even follow a dream) – both personally and professionally – within the workplace which is a component of our lives.

Would you be able to do that – identify and reveal those details and write that description?  How hard would it be to explain those deep felt likes, dislikes, favorite environments or settings – even describe the kinds of folks (or characters) you align best with and would prefer to spend 8-12 hours per day collaborating with?  Whether you’re an employee, an entrepreneur or a volunteer…are there certain activities (or people) you would simply prefer not to perform, interact with or contribute to in exchange for cash?  How difficult would it be for you to blend your feelings with functions?

dilbert cartoonIf I were to create and post an integrated job description, details on my own interests, desires, and functions might include a few of the following:

  •  Loves to write

–  Rarely experiences writer’s block – occasionally encounters writer’s cramp;

–  Is inspired and able to write on many topics and in many arenas;

–  Especially enjoys the research aspect that allows for well-balanced writing; and

–  Inspired by:  (more…)