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spider-web-maleThe Spring semester at school has begun.  Classes in Cultural Anthropology now fill my every waking hour.

Continual research and the many books I’ve recently read have led me to believe that new – more creative and resourceful  – directions in jobs and career pursuits are critical.

As shared in earlier blogs, a favorite career-focused book is “The 10 Faces of Innovation. ” As I indulged in this book, I learned that one of the most highly sought after degrees in today’s marketplace is one in Anthropology (especially a Masters).  With credentials and a well established career in the art and science of Marketing already in place, this new undertaking appears to map nicely and align to expand the foundation I’ve established and offer some new avenues and opportunities to pursue.

According to Fast Company’s article on this book
The Anthropologist brings new learning and insights into the organization by observing human behavior and developing a deep understanding of how people interact physically and emotionally with products, services, and spaces. When an IDEO human-factors person camps out in a hospital room for 48 hours with an elderly patient undergoing surgery, she is living the life of the anthropologist and helping to develop new health-care services. 

Anthropology seems to be a new natural fit for me.  Do you see a description that you might align with your current or future skills?  If the old paths don’t seem to be leading anywhere…maybe embarking on fresh, new perspective on what exists within you…and simply enlarging your horizon – possibly from a different angle – might stir up some new insights??

While my first couple of classes overflowed with a torrent of information – theories, theorists, perspectives, history and much more – a couple of definitions and quotes that caught my attention and stuck with me and established the groundwork to begin my exploration:

“Culture, or civilization, taken in its wide ethnographic sense, is that complex whole which includes knowledge, belief, art, law, morals, customs, and any other capabilities and habits acquired by man as a member of society”  Edward B. Tylor.  1871

“People are “animal[s] suspended in webs of significance [they themselves have] spun (Thick Description) by Clifford Geertz

Those (and so many more) definitely set my head a’spinning…and shook up my thought processes a bit….

How about you…“are you spinning a web of significance”?Men Caught in Woman's Spider Web

More soon…
Crafted, researched and written by: |LIZ CARLOCK
The Write Resources, LLC™
© 2014 EM Carlock

Graphic credits:  www.123rf.com, http://www.cardcow.com


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