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Before I begin to share some of the INVENTIONS/INNOVATIONS found during my online journeys…I wanted to pause for a moment to consider and solicit thoughts from others about the ideas Angie expressed about INNOVATION vs. INVENTION within the art community…

Interesting.  I’ve been reading posts along a similar line but in relation to art.  Is there truly any original (invented) art any more?  Is it original because I do it in my own style even though the scene has been painted before (or is that innovation) ?  Do I need to develop a completely new style in order to be original and can that be done at this point?  What about derivative art–people who take an existing work of art and use it in their own creation?  Not sure there is an answer but there are a lot of people on both sides of the coin.

Obviously, adherence to relevant patents, copyright law, and infringement potential are essential to consider – early in the process.  However, throughout my research (and now having been titillated by Angie’s comments) my thoughts danced with the idea of whether it was really necessary (or mattered in any way) for an item to be termed or categorized as an INVENTION (created from scratch/sweat equity) or as an INNOVATION (an enhancement of another’s work).

As I’ve researched, pondered and crafted this series of blogs, one persistent message – despite being posed in a variety of unique ways – continually surfaced and repeated itself.  Regardless of whether it was a new or re-purposed product, piece of clothing, piece of art work or any creation or enhancement, the message remained the same…items need to possess the power to improve or enhance one’s life in some way.  The individual or group experiencing the item needed to undergo an increased level of comfort or peacefulness and believe they had moved forward and eased life’s load or extended one’s life in some way – learned, evolved, reduced stress, etc.

I also wonder if the release of this terminology and contained way of thinking – INNOVATION vs. INVENTION –might free up and allow us to explore and view items in a much more expanded way – less judgmental/condescending.  Staying with this thought, I also wondered if something else – maybe something much more important – needed to be the focused upon.  I kept hearing the question of whether the item in question – be it INNOVATION or INVENTION – improved or enhanced one’s life in some way – causing them to feel better – about themselves, others, the world – or smoothed out their day and beyond?

In observing and therefore presenting one’s own personal interpretation, might that be the artist’s/creator’s/innovator’s way of offering up their own personal perspective – one that outwardly reflects their sense of self – how they see and interpret the world around them – and, therefore, in essence is truly original – as it reflects the blending of who they are – from the depths of their being.  If an observer/buyer resonates with the artist’s/creator’s/innovator’s rendition (or product) and that affinity allows them to journey along to a place of comfort, peace, and profound reflection – wouldn’t that take precedence over a strict or formal definition?

Upon receiving Angie’s note…I visited her web site.  This visit helped answer some of the questions I’d been asking myself.  As I traveled through her Gallery, it was easy for me to envision being nestled on a blanket watching sun’s majestic departure, or glancing up during my morning walk to see petals clinging to buildings trying to avoid the inevitable dance into the ethos, or kicking back on the gondola – allowing someone else to do the work.  Each piece I viewed clearly performed its role – reducing my stress and smoothing out my day.  In my world (and the world of many others), her work truly makes a difference.

Both inventors and innovators (regardless of grammatical definition) perform critical roles in our lives and how we live out our days on planet Earth.  Encouragement to explore, focus on, and test their ideas – freely – is essential.  As I’ve learned from working with INVENTORS and INNOVATORS, the energy, perspective, and genius they bring to their creations can often be obstructed when they begin to ponder/worry about the complexities of getting their items to the marketplace.  They magnify so many concerns…who are their users, how will they locate their items, what will the packaging look like, etc.


According to Stanford Engineering (via Google+) “Innovation is the process by which we change the world.”

For those considering ways to bring their creations to the marketplace, some of these links might help:





As I continue to ponder the need to become (and assist others in becoming) unstuck in 2014,  I’ve discovered a few items – INVENTIONS and INNOVATIONS – that might help improve and expand my own life (below).

How about you?  Are you finding (or creating) any INVENTIONS or INNOVATIONS with potential to enhance your life – and/or the lives of others?

Flat Extension Cord
Automatic shut off outlet
Solar charging station
Showerhead & Wireless Speaker

Until next time…

Crafted, researched and written by: |LIZ CARLOCK
The Write Resources, LLC™
© 2014 EM Carlock


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