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We left day light savings time last Sunday…and returned to standard time.  This, of course, required turning those clocks back by an hour – a ritual we here in many of the states appear to agree to each and every fall.  Despite this time “change,” though, things around me on Monday didn’t seem any different – except I was blessed with a few extra minutes of sleep and an early morning horizon which offered a smidgen more light.

On my early morning drive to the gym, it was strikingly obvious that winter had begun its imposing creep into life around me.  Twice last month, those tiny white flakes gathered together to offer a demonstration of their artistry on front lawns all around town and to warn of their future intentions.  Patches and piles of fallen leaves now blanket everything in sight.  Local streets do not discriminate; they graciously offer space to all kinds – maple, pear, oak – to display their hues.

tree poseThinking the switch back to standard time might offer some assistance, I again attempted to hold the tree pose as I do 3-5 times a week during my yoga practice.  Frustratingly, the return to standard time did nothing to alter or improve my ability to maintain this pose.  When I stop to give it serious thought, I’m not sure why I even imagined the time change might assist me in improving my focus or achieving the balance needed to maintain this pose.  Each time my mind drifts – which is often – so goes my pose (and balance).  I repeatedly stop to re-group and wonder if I’ll ever be able to master this pose.  This time I pause and read more