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As someone who has “given birth” to several business ventures, I discovered that the analogy Mr. Fertik shares in his “6 Stages of Birthing a Company” article published in Inc. Magazine accurately aligns with what I’d experienced.  The picture he so precisely paints – drawing a comparison between the act of “giving birth” to a physical child and the art of “giving birth” to the creation and launching of a new business (or idea) – felt extremely relevant, profound, and powerful.  Below, I’ve attempted to briefly capture and summarize components of this process as described in detail by Mr. Fertik:

1.   Conception

  • Energy and vision – thoughts about the results;
  • No clarity  – around what one will endure to get there; and
  • Float around with thoughts.

2.   Development

  • Reality check – follows pain of growing your idea from a seed to actual reality;
  • Hope for…;
  • Understand what’s needed to raise;
  • Craving satisfied;
  • Sleepless nights;
  • Queasiness – contemplate future;
  • Stress eating–>à weight gain; and
  • Mood swings.

3.   Testing (dry runs)

4.    Birth

  • Pushing live/life;
  • Many simultaneous feelings – exciting, scary, sweat-induced, pain-filled, joyful;
  • Fits and starts; and
  • Fervent prayers for success.

5.   Euphoria and sleeplessness

  • Customer reactions and interactions; and
  • Lots to learn (humbling).

6.   Contemplation

  • Product has grown and changes;
  • Guided by collective insights and wisdom;
  • Pain of infancy forgotten – obscured by memories glow; and
  • Version 2.0.

Just like in the act of “giving birth”  to a physical child, small business owners must first conceive of an idea – then plant the seed and nurture its development (and changes), and ultimately ensure that a plan is mapped out for the future.  When one actually quiets oneself and pauses to consider and absorb these elements…it’s a bit uncanny how the act, art and process of “giving birth” can be so similar in a variety of situations and circumstances.  Several other arenas where the concept “giving birth” – using the figurative language – have been used include:

IDEA GENERATION (in general)



  • One of the best things about being a writer—besides the innate ability to create imaginary worlds—is giving birth to a character and then bestowing a name upon him or her. True, you didn’t carry the character in your womb for nine months (especially if you’re male). But he or she could’ve been in your head for nine months…or nine years. So choosing a name for your characters seem almost as important as the ones you would give your own children.
  • Nancie says (October 11, 2010)“…the writing process was like giving birth. There was a long time of thinking, imagining, thinking, trying, thinking… Then, suddenly, when the time was just right, KaBam! Everything all came at once.
  • Carol Vanselow says (October 11, 2010) “It is like giving birth, but also it’s like nurturing a child – and all of the characters in the book are your children.  When it’s finished it’s like letting go of a full-grown child, trusting that they can stand on their own.”


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Graphic credits:  Dancing by Jereme Crow from:  www.thefigurativeartbeat.com


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