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In most cases, the ability to unlock a door requires that one not only have a key…but, that that key be the “right” key.  Plus, until one is able to insert a key into that door, one does not know whether that specific key will fit or whether it will unlock that particular door.  Given that, one has to wonder…how can one plan ahead to be sure they have the ‘right’ key to open the ‘right’ door?

Being employed (or working for oneself) is much like finding the right key – it’s important to have a key that not only opens up the door…but also allows one to enter into a space that expands and enhances who they are and who they are destined to become.  The following quotes bring out the essence of “right” work for me:

“Writing became such a process of discovery that I couldn’t wait to get to work in the morning.  I wanted to know what I was going to say.”  by Sharon O’Brien  

 “I don’t need an alarm clock. My ideas wake me.”
From “Ray Bradbury’s Nostalgia for the Future” by Timothy Perrin
Mr. Bradbury is author of Fahrenheit 451Zen in the Art of Writing, and many other books.

Oftentimes, it seems that no matter how hard we try to insert our key and attempt to catch the eye and capture the interest of potential employers (or clients), our efforts appear futile.  Hmmm…there’s that intriguing word – “futile” – which clearly conjures up dynamic memories for many of us.

After watching and hearing the contents of that video, one has to wonder…is assimilation what’s really necessary to be gainfully employed these days?  Personally, I believe the exact opposite is true!!  Drifting helps me recall several quotes worthy of reflection to help in re-focusing:

 “We continually search to find life outside ourselves…unaware that the real life we seek is within.”
Source:  The Four Noble Truths of Buddhism

“Pleasure is always derived from something outside you, whereas joy arises from within.”
Source:  The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle

All too often we seek to align – or to assimilate – rather than to reach deep within ourselves to find our own keys that can unlock our potential and assist us in focusing on who we really are, what we truly want to achieve, and in what setting we hope to accomplish our dreams or goals.  Taking time to dig deep will likely reveal that those keys already exist within us – basic words that even we use to describe ourselves  – our style, our interests…and so much more.

Our continual search to find “new and interesting ways” to approach employers and tackle our job search efforts (or our search for new clients) may often feel unproductive – at times even counterproductive.  While we are in this process seeking out approaches, employers are also searching for and deploying new techniques and methods that will help them reach candidates – and ensure that they, the employer, guide the “ideal” (or right) candidate – with the “right” key to their doorstep.

Two of several fascinating approaches being deployed by employers to seek out their ideal candidate (“the key holder”) and to help that candidate appear on their doorstep…and open a specific employer’s door include:

  • REAL COLORS by NCTI (National Curriculum and Training Institute)
    Using 300 year old concepts from Hippocrates (Greek philosopher and physician) “…all human beings could be divided into four distinct personality types” as a foundation, this program deploys temperament theories to determine how and where an individual might fit into an organization – business, government, nonprofit, school/universities, criminal justice, etc.  It is believed these 4 temperaments (Blue, Gold, Green or Orange) uncover motivators that could be helpful in finding and placing individuals in work settings.

These two approaches are likely only a few of the techniques being used.  However, I share these approaches since I believe we often make the process of finding meaningful work too complex.  We try everything from perfectly structuring our resume, to creating “personal narratives”…yet, we rarely stop to consider or reflect on the reality that everything we need is within ourselves.  We just need to find a way to reach those “keys”, pull them out, and get them out into the world.

The search for that “right” key might start with a better assessment of our own personal characteristics.  As we search for job opportunities and prepare to respond, we generally select and use words that directly align with the company’s posted job description and the functions they want performed.  While this is a great idea, this process only presents the functional “keys” (skills) we’ve honed over the years.  Digging a bit deeper to reach and unfold words that align with our own personal characteristics will allow us to reveal who we REALLY are…and present how we best fit within an organization.  These keywords can either be incorporated into a resume/CV or within a cover letter.

For example, according to REAL COLORS, people who describe themselves using specific keywords tend to follow certain behavior patterns.  Unfolding – identifying, embarrassing  and revealing – your own personal traits and characteristics and putting those characteristics into specific words (immediate, complex, etc.) will allow for a natural alignment – and discovery by others.

ORANGE use these words to describe themselves: Immediate, generous, witty, spontaneous, trouble-shooter and so on. AND they tend to have behavior patterns that:  Use language as a tool to make their point, cut in on others, make decisions quickly, are clever and quick-witted, etc.

GREEN use these words to describe themselves:  Complex, curious, abstract, exacting, independent and so on.  AND they tend to have behavior patterns that:  Rely on fact, ask many questions, avoid small talk, argue both side of an issue and so on.

So, next time you find and apply for that “ideal” job don’t forget to invest the time and energy into digging a bit deeper to unfold those “right” keywords – ones that will truly represent YOU and open that ‘right’ door.  I believe you’ll be quite surprised (and delighted) by what you discover about the true you…and by the difference those keywords will make in getting you invited to the interview table – where real dialogue around those keys you used to open that door will begin.


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