Writing that moves readers to action

Continuing on from last week’s thoughts and wanderings…

Immediately after posting last week’s blog (IS IT REALLY JUST A MATTER OF WHERE YOU PUT THE “I”…?,), the cartoon shared below (posted in my local newspaper) leapt across the dinner table at me. cartoon-red vs. read

Darn…I had just hit the “publish” key on my weekly blog.  It was too late to shift gears and modify or rewrite that blog post.  So, I saved the cartoon as it seemed to align with last week’s ramblings – a nice complement of sorts.

Whew that was easy – all I had to do was write a few words and add the cartoon!!  Now I’m free to spend time away from reflections for this week’s blog.  I might actually be able to get out and have some real fun.  Hmmm…come to think of it…what could be more fun than allowing one’s thoughts to drift, writing about those thoughts…then sharing what you’ve encountered??

Oh, wait…

I wonder what this professional’s title might be – palm “redder”?  Or maybe Mr. Red Palm had “red” (oops, maybe that should be “read”) all the palms he was able to for that day? His work for the day was complete.  Hmmm…I’ll need to sleep on those ideas!!

Oh no…darn…that obsessive character in me won’t allow me to settle down…”rest on it”…or sleep!!

It’s 11 p.m.…and the search begins…So, what about this guy’s title?  Is he a palm “redder”?  Sure, would seem natural, right?  If so, how did that happen?  How did that formation come about?

 Suffix:  -er

    1. (added to verbs) person or thing that does an action indicated by the root verb; used to form an agent noun.  Examples:  reader, cooker, computer, runner-up, do-gooder
    2. (added to a noun denoting an occupation) Person whose occupation is (the noun).  Examples:  astrologer, cricketer, trumpeter

Okay…now that we have that figured out (sort of)…let’s move on to whether the sign in this cartoon might mean he has already  completed his work for the day (past tense).  What word would let us know that Mr. Red Palm was finished working for the day?  According to one source:  The past tense is also read, but pronounced (red).  Yikes, that, too, can be confusing!!  I wonder how many more words take on that type of structure?

Now it really is time to go the bed (bead?).  As I brush my teeth, I continue to wonder…maybe this professional’s surname needs to be “The Amazing Feelini”…as that might be the only sensible explanation for why his palms are so red – too darn many palm reddings (oops, did it again – that should be “readings”)?

One last thought before I settle in for the night…according to Daniel Pink in A Whole New Mind, recent data reveals that one sign or attribute of a good leader is HUMOR.  So, in the end, maybe there’s hope for me after all.

Until next week…hope your week is awe-filled – grammatically and experientially!!  Be sure to catch a few rays from that son (ooops…did it again – “sun”)…

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