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As shared so often in the past (see:  02/24/13 – STYLE OVER FUNCTION for example)… words play such a critical role in our connection with one another and with ourselves.  The selection of honest, genuine, well-thought out words succinctly and effectively communicate and convey one’s intent – and can make all the difference of whether someone likes, dislikes, connects with – essentially, understands you.

While on my week long journey of gathering, kneading, and nurturing thoughts to create my blog, I stumbled upon the video shared below.  The contents (and especially the message), of course, caused me immediate pause.  I asked myself “how often throughout my day do I encounter situations that tempt my desire to deploy my uncanny writing ability and skill to artfully alter signage words to clarify, enhance and positively impact someone’s life…or to simply inspire growth, change or even a movement?

After being emotionally moved (and awe inspired) by this video, I naturally became curious about its creator – Andrea Gardner.  It didn’t take much effort to learn more about Andrea…she’s making quite an impact on the Internet (“gone viral”)…plus, the story of her life is inspiring the lives of others.  What intrigued me even more was to discover how interestingly aligned my own life experience was with hers.  As you watch the video interview with Liz Green, see if Andrea shares anything you might also resonate or connect with…

Several quotes uttered by Andrea (and Liz Green, the interviewer) – which I continually advocate and support in my own life, business, and on-going blogs – include:

  • “We’re more powerful than we give ourselves credit for.”
  • “Shine your light.” (note:  shining your light does help others)
  • “REALLY follow your passion.”
  • “Allow the wave to carry you forward.”
  • “Choose your words on a practical level as well as an energetic level.”
  • “GENUINELY align your words/thoughts with the Universe.”

For much of my own life, the last quote above perplexed me…I simply could not sort out what it meant – or what it was attempting to convey.  Then in 1988 – after my world seemed to have fallen apart (painful divorce, mother’s passing, and loss of a favorite job) I sought refuge with a friend living in Florida – two blocks from the beach.  She gently introduced and exposed me to the thought process behind this quote through the recordings and work of Ester and Jerry Hicks.  Although Jerry has since passed away, Ester continues their work in laying out and encouraging three basic concepts or suggestions on approaching life:   The Law of Attraction, the Law of Deliberate Creation, and the Law of Allowing.

Experiencing a life focused on words – and learning more about these Laws and this approach to living – helped bring all elements of life together for me.  By aligning carefully selected words with these Laws, it was possible for me to pair the challenge of communicating who I am, what I seek, and how I saw myself getting there.  This approach continually seems to link me with life encounters most needed to learn and move forward.  When removed from our comfort zones, we can literally see what the Universe sees – true joy and abundance placed at our feet driven by the words we choose.  The more specific and concise those words (and thoughts)…the greater the likelihood of success.   Ultimately, we are each responsible for who and what we attract into our lives.  The words we choose and our intentions draw to us what we most need – they create the foundation through which we experience up’s, down’s and round-about’s.  They offer us humility.

I, for one, look forward to future rides…and hope you do, too!

words cartoon

© 2013 EM Carlock
The Write Resources, LLC™




  1. Hello! It’s wonderful to find likeminded people. The law of attraction requires an effort to use when you are a newbie, but then it works! 🙂

    • Thx Evelyn…for visiting my blog and sharing your thoughts. Upon initial reading, the words contained in each of “The Laws” (including the Law of Deliberate Creation and the Law of Allowing) seem to make such common sense. It’s not until one attempts to integrate and execute on the content contained in those words that the effort intensifies. It is good, though, to read that deploying worked for you…and that linkedminded people could find each other. Enjoyed your blog posts!!

  2. Hey! This is a great artixle 🙂 The law of attraction is hard to implement at first, but then it works! It is working for me 🙂

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