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You’re starting to see a little easing within the marketplace.  A few fascinating companies with jobs that match your skills are beginning to appear…one’s that you might actually be a good candidate for.  You’re a little worried, though….since the marketplace still seems quite competitive – and you’re now a little rusty…or not quite sure how to strut your “stuff” and outshine other highly qualified candidates.  You don’t really want to sit on the sidelines and hope some old acquaintance stumbles into your life and possibly remembers you – and maybe even thinks highly of you?  So, what are you to do?

You grasp that it’s a competitive marketplace…and you don’t want to just go it alone.  Your first reaction might be to hire a resume writer.  The marketplace is definitely filled with them (or those that claim to be).  You should be able to find one who can get the job done quickly and cheaply.  But, you think about past experiences you’ve had journeying the cheap route (i.e. that “basic” computer)…and you wonder if it really is the best route given your circumstances?  Even if the competition is high, would you really work for much less than you’re worth?  Then you remember – just like in your field and industry, it’s likely that “not all resume writers are created equal.”  So, you wonder…how do I go about finding the “right” resume writer that will work with me to position me in the best light possible – in other words…help me shine?

Since timing is of the essence in submitting information on job postings you’ve been finding, it’s likely not a good idea to run the risk of lost time (or money).  Then you recall searches you’ve made to find other service providers (plumbers, electricians, etc.)…and you remember that the best way you’ve found to begin a process like this is to ask yourself some critical questions to determine what’s most important to you.  For example:

Academic Training
I realize that a resume is fundamentally a marketing tool.  If crafted properly, it will distinguish, differentiate and proudly place me in a competitive marketplace – just like each of the neighborhood coffee shops must do.  An individual with academic training (as well as professional experience) in the art and science of Marketing would know how to help me stand out, get noticed, and hopefully get selected.

Besides academic training, professional experience specifically in the field of Marketing (and Sales) – ideally in the arena of “writing to move readers to action” – is critical.   I don’t want a cookie-cutter resume…I want one that truly represents ME.  I also need someone who is honest, genuine and non-judgmental…someone who is open-minded, patient, and can politely and creatively dig until they are able to get at ME…and my successes (not just the functions of my past jobs).  It’d be awesome to find an experienced professional who I’m comfortable with…someone who’s willing and able to do the “dance” with me to understand and reveal the true ME I’d like to put out into the marketplace…so, I’m attracted to the right position/situation.  I need to also ask how long they’ve been doing resume writing work, why they do it, and what types of folks they work with?

I’ve heard so many horror stories about people being forced to pay lots of money to have their resumes done.  The final results either didn’t align with their needs or didn’t adhere to basic principles of format and structure necessary to ensure selection in today’s technology-driven marketplace (keywords, scanning, no graphics, etc.).  In addition to Academic Training and Experience, I need to find out more about how resume writers operate and run their business, such as:

    • Do they charge by the hour or by the project?
    • Do they differentiate a new resume from an existing resume?  If so, how?
    • Do they offer an “initial meeting”?  If so, do they charge for it?
    • Are they able to provide specifics about how the process works?
    • Will they review existing resumes before proceeding and committing?
    • Do they require a deposit?  If so, how much?
    • Are they able to provide a rate sheet?
    • Do they offer additional resume-related services in addition to resume writing?
      • If so, do they charges an additional fee for each of those service?
      • If so, how much for each?


Wow, I never realized my Resume – which appeared on the surface to be a simple document – is actually a complex and critical tool – one that demands the attention of a seasoned professional marketing-type writer.  I, for one, need to make sure I choose wisely…as my future (and self-confidence) depends upon it.

As I venture forth with this new found knowledge and mindset, it becomes important for me to recognize that my resume is a snapshot (not a life dump) of who I am – not only to perspective employers but to the world as a whole!  Accepting and acknowledging this means that I must focus on those items I wish to highlight and have others resonate and connect with – in a concise and powerful way.  This will allow me to place my best foot forward no matter the circumstance or opportunity – knowing that ….


  • Only you can choose the life you live…
  • A well-written, well-thought out resume is a critical Marketing tool – about YOU!
  • Promoting a positive, productive, competitive YOU – in life and in the work you choose – offers great rewards!
  • A solid quality resume – that truly represents YOU – helps you be heard and seen.

If you are interested in receiving a FREE copy of The Write Resources, LLC™ new client Resume Tips sheet, send an email through the web site www.the-writeresources.com.  Be sure to put WP-TWR TIPS in the subject line…and explain your interest and need for this document.

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  1. Excellent information. Look forward to learning more in your next few Blogs.

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