Writing that moves readers to action

How often have you read an author’s writings or their book and found something – a passage, a phrase, a quote or even a simple word – that caught your attention and caused you to pause and reflect?  Oftentimes, these written words can stay with you for eternity…and you’re not quite sure why?

Over time, my life has been filled with more encounters of this kind than can be counted on both hands (and feet).  Even without knowing the detailed life of the author…or from where the passage germinated…I knew the passage had to have some worthwhile meaning or purpose for my life – otherwise why would it have crossed my path?

So, to ensure these excerpts were captured and cataloged (if and when my memory failed to serve me), I created a spreadsheet, entered each passage, quote and/or solitary word, attached the author’s name and the name of the book or publication (where available).  As my ravenous thirst for learning grew over the years, that spreadsheet filled up and expanded to hundreds of pages.  Despite many “inputs” onto the document, there seemed to not be any “outputs” – no life – except to be added to and encased in time…until now.

What intrigues and inspires me now is the ability to seek out relevant applications for these passages…and to learn more about the writer’s background and possible inspiration for their writings…in the hope that my readers will also be inspired – by the quote and maybe even by its creator – to consider change or to find the courage to empower themselves as so many of these writers have.

Several examples include:

GEORGE ELIOT-1A quote by George Eliot

“It is never too late to be what you might have been.”

TOLSTOY-seatedA quote by Leo Tolstoy

“True life is lived when tiny changes occur.”

From a life and career transition perspective, these quotes – and the lives of their writers – are rich both in inspiration and encouragement.  Each are laced with words that convey wisdom which emanates from experience and has the magic to empower.

In life, it often seems that we continually strive and push ourselves to enact or undergo colossal change…when in reality it’s actually tiny changes – little steps – that inspire us to become brave – and find the courage.  Eventually those tiny changes add up and we are suddenly moving forward – implementing real (and true) change – and sometimes we even pause to reflect on what it took for us to get to the point of real and true change…what we underwent…and we realize there might have been a reason for those baby steps…we might actually be better off…as those baby steps allowed us to savor the process – like the bouquet of a fine wine – and we are now more deeply able to appreciate and share these experiences with one another in a wise and understanding way.

2013 EMCarlock

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Image credits:  The Granger Collection, NY; Sergey Prokudin-Gorsky May 1908


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