Writing that moves readers to action

When the wind rustles the leaves on a tree or causes a curtain by an open window to dance, it is impossible to actually see the breeze itself.  The impact or effect the wind has on the leaves or on the curtain is the only visible sign the breeze has made a visit and passed through.  Curtain-open window2

Passion – buried deep within – is much like the leaves on a tree – unaffected – until a powerful, inspirational breeze jostles it.  Gentle, subtle movements that reveal themselves in intriguing ways can be reminders that some sleeping passion might be buried deep within.

For me, words activated the breeze that stirred my passion and reminded me of that deep, sleeping yearning within.  As with the curtain by the open window, it took a bit of gentle, continual nudging to actually experience the breeze; but once the passion and words within were jarred, the power and impact those words would have in my life and in the lives of others – each and every day – became obvious.

In childhood, the breeze that stirred my love for words – and jarred my passion – manifest itself in spelling bee contest.  Each week, I diligently focused on studying a new batch of words.  At night, as I slept, my mother would enter my bedroom to check on me.  She would stand at the foot of my bed and read each word from the weekly list.  While fast asleep, I spelled out – letter by letter – and defined out loud each word she recited from the list – without a single mistake. Interestingly, the next morning I had no recollection or memory of this experience shared by my mother. Practice – often in front of the bedroom mirror – helped make the process of getting words buried deep within my body (mind and soul) out into the open air.  As the breeze within gathered force, the word – completely dressed in power and meaning – finally pushed its way from that inner sanctum.  Thanks to that passionate breeze, the word became REAL.  It danced like the curtain at the window – it could be seen, felt and experienced – simply as a result of that passion (breeze) behind my voice saying, spelling, and giving each word meaning and its rightful place – in and among society and mankind.  Thanks to that passionate breeze within, others could indulge and take part in the experience.

Many years later – in college – my passion was again stirred by the breeze created by an etymology (study of words) class.  Each week, a list containing 50-100 words was assigned.  Each student was expected to intimately know each word on that list – pronunciation, spelling, usage, and FULL historical context.  During class time, the instructor would circulate the room of 85 and randomly select and assign one word to each student.  The breeze within me was more like an intense storm trying to make its way through me and out.  This instructor’s technique incited a much stronger breeze within – as I was now being tasked with elaborating and demonstrating a much deeper – and more profound – knowledge base than during those spelling bee years.

As my life and career progressed, that same breeze sparked and led me to my chosen profession – Marketing/Business.  The role and purpose of this social science is to nurse and maneuver words in ways that achieve the effect of “moving readers to action.”  In one corporate job, a cube mate and I initiated a contest for fellow employees – a word of the day posted daily on a white board.  In order to win a tiny prize one needed to not only define the word…but, use it as well – in a business-related context and sentence.

While the social science of Marketing within a corporate setting is critical to ensuring buyers find, concur on their “perceived” need, and easily purchase a company’s product, the passionate breeze of words stirring from within can easily be diminished if not redirected and challenged.  Words must initiate from within, create  a breeze (even a storm) and be allowed to fly from within…and dance in the open air of communicating and conveying amongst others – in broad and varied ways.

So, for me, leaving the corporate world seemed in order.  But, how and where would one escape to find that perfect setting to coax “the breeze.”  The message finally came – the Isle of Iona in Scotland.

Suggesting this Isle is remote – and somewhat desolate might border on misrepresentation.  In any case, one thing was clear…my path was about to undertake a dramatic turn…and I hoped I was ready.  You can read more about my journey by clicking this link.

We each have our own journey to travel.  Identifying, isolating, and allowing the breeze of passion to ignite and flow from within out can be daunting and scary.  However, that breeze of passion is the main power force that will dissolve the mold, clear away the cobwebs and fill the spinnaker so one can begin to  sail – in their career, business, relationships – in life.

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