Writing that moves readers to action

Not a day goes by that I don’t stop to reflect on the importance of putting one’s best on each “page” (day) of life.  This pause offers inspiration to create and bring forth new and different approaches, perspectives and ways of traveling through the day – helping turn each daily page on life’s journey.

Today, a quote by Ecuadorian writer Javier Robayo  swung the door wide open on my day:

“It’s a privilege to write, but more so to have someone read it.  Looking backward you realize, you have to put your very best on every page.”

Mr. Robayo’s profound statement – particularly given his history and experience  – encouraged me to make time to not only pause to appreciate the opportunity of being alive but also to give thanks for possessing the ability – and freedom – to write about experiences and so much more!

As Mr. Robayo shares, his writing began as a way to learn English.  This “confession” tugged at me – forcing me to recognize what the experience must be for children and non-English speaking individuals to grasp, understand, articulate, and utilize words in the English language.  Confusion easily results from inappropriate selection, poor usage or unplanned placement of words.  All of these elements within written or spoken context – selection, usage, even word structure – need to be carefully and methodically chosen – with intention and focus – with precision and accuracy – and with the end goal of adequately (and succinctly) conveying true meaning and intent.

Occasionally, listening to people speak coaxes a grin onto my face.  A fun example occurred while driving with a friend who was providing directions.  “Bear to the right,” she uttered.  As those words filled the air – and my playful mind orchestrated them – I decreased my driving pace and carefully glanced to my right.  “Really, I don’t see one…but, I’ll be sure to stay in the car and will use caution in case the animal decides to run to the center of the car…now, when and where do I need to move over or turn?”  The next time we drove together, she presented that same phrase.  This time, I heard “Bare to the right” so, I tried to look to the right with a bit more curiosity.  Maybe this time she was using some type of code to alert me to a naked person who might be running or exposing themselves along the right side of the car.  With a teasing grin on my face, I glanced at her and drove toward the next exit.

Being understood – verbally or in writing – is fulfilling and increases the clarity (and joy) in one’s life and the lives of others.  If you’re seeking a new career or desire new customers or clients for your business, writing to be understood (and moving reader’s to action) is critical to success.

© 2012 EMCarlock


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