Writing that moves readers to action

For many, 2012 brought far more challenges than ever imagined.  Strained budgets, job loss, job search, natural disaster, uncomfortable life choices, and much more.

As 2013 fast approaches, we are invited to glimpse back on that horizon – observe and reflect on those still fresh memories – and use them to help realign, redirect – maybe even shake things up a bit…and consider a new approach.

In particular we are encouraged to focus (or re-focus) on what we’d each like our lives to look and feel like – how we’d prefer our stream of existence to flow.  Branches and debris that block that flow or push us off our desired path need to be moved aside or removed.

Over time, books and favorite passages that hold the test of time have created magical movements in my life…frequently and dramatically altering the course of that life – as well as the lives of others

As a seasoned professional writer – with a marketing focus – I begin each year pondering how to better serve and more effectively work with those serious minded individuals/clients – ones who are brave enough to face or seek a new (or modified) career path (transition) for themselves.  As I gather thoughts about how to best serve and assist, several favorite books and passages surface.  For example:

 True Work by Michael and Justine Willis Toms

As we all know too well, work consumes a huge chunk of our adult lives.  The authors of this book offer their perspective on a more holistic or spiritual approach to work and include thoughts from a variety of others on the meaning and purpose of work.

Two passages in particular that caught my attention and offer a peaceful close to 2012 and provide beacons for a new, refreshed 2013:

“Good health, friendship, love, caring, sufficiency, happiness, family, opportunity, creativity and fulfillment are more accurate measures of true wealth than the sum of your possessions and back accounts”

Acting on your most deeply felt aspirations may not make life convenient.”

 May these words and thoughts bring peace and love into your New Year!

© 2012 EMCarlock


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